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You can find Violeta Llano Grech quemist in the city centre, at calle Cop, between the Town Hall and la Glorieta, a place where people have been meeting for years and years. Amongst many other unique establishments, Violeta Llano Grech chemist takes you to the old corner shop, to the nice smile at the other side of the counter,  and to the hard work and love put into a desire, the desire that Denia keeps its charm.

Even from the outside you can see how tradition and modern days melt in one single space. The decoration speaks by itself: there is a story here. The story of a caring pharmaceutical advise, the story of a few comfort words when needed, the story of a trust that has been growing over the years, the story of someone who spends time on someone else, the story, at the end, of a family.

Taking care of you since 1994